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Last call for recruiting companies!

Looking for new employees and support for the recruitment / training process?
👉 Photonics Top Expert 2 Talent Recruitment will start during April! 

What is Photonics Top Expert

  • Photonics Top Expert pilot (2021) found many new talents with 90% hit rate and provided successful recruiting channel to Photonics Finland member companies. 

Photonics Finland in partnership with Kasve, ELY – Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Uusimaa and North-Karelia area) and TE-services will open Photonics Top Expert 2 during spring 2023. The recruitment training will be focused to photonics, optics and technology field talents. 

  • Photonics Top Expert 2 is a easy way to find new talents and it is also funded by ELY (value 7000€) 
  • The service includes
    • Search for trainees incl. pre-selection and interviews (match making) 
    • Training program based on company (and trainees) needs.
      • Internship in the company 
      • The development task (provided to trainee by the company) 
    • Trainees Group training (remote)
    • Trainees personal sparring (remote or hybrid)
    • Company sparring (remote or hybrid)
  • Total
    • Internship: 72 working days
    • Group training: 8 days / 56h
    • Development task
    • Personal sparring: 6h / trainee
    • Company sparring: 2h / company + trainee
  • Company self-financing 3000€ / per recruit (Contributions are exempt from VAT)

For more information please contact and