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Photonics in Pöllölaakso – MTV studios

Photonics Finland and PREIN visited MTV studios in Helsinki, Finland. The purpose of this visit was to explain to MTV team that photonics is more relevant than ever, and it provides interesting news that affects everyones daily life. The visit was hosted by Shahin Doagu, Journalist & News Anchor of MTV News, Tomi Einonen, Editor in Chief of MTV Oy, and Johannes Kantelinen, Creative Director of MTV News. The MTV broadcast company has totally new studios / premises, which are of course full of photonics solutions: lights, cameras, optical fiber connected cameras, and data centers, big screens, displays, and teleprompters.

MTV has the newest top of the line studios in the whole Finland. The main studio has automated robotic cameras, very detailed and evenly spread lighting, which enables more efficient use of the studio and creates very professional look, but is also a lot more pleasent for the journalists and visitors in front of the camera. Every detail from ambient lighting, to custom made curved screens, to glossy floors have been thought of. The visitors could feel the excitement, the energy and almost perfectionism-like vision as Johannes Kantelinen, and Tomi Einonen were explaining all the features of the studios, and definitely the premises are something to be very proud of!

As a final touch, in the main studio there is also possibility to create Augmented Reality content to enhance the news experience even further with more visually detailed content. This feature has already been used in many broadcasts, and as a next step MTV will be starting to develop AR content in-house, Johannes Kantelinen explained.

Tomi Einonen pointed out that based on the received feedback, people want more science & research based news so photonics has a lot to offer! As photonics is a very broad term and affects to so many fields, it is crucial to take one small piece or innovation at the time to create news that catches the attention of the crowds. Also from Photonics community in Finland it is crucial to bring all those innovations to the daylight, and to tell about their possibilities for the development of the different industries and everyday life of people.

Photonics Finland and PREIN would like to develop the collaboration with MTV News to provide opportunity to reach more effortlessly the Finnish photonics networks of companies and researchers for expert comments, and solutions whenever there is light-related news available. This creates the opportunity for MTV to provide even more in-depth news from new technologies. Also for Photonics Finland and PREIN one of the main actions are to create more visibility for photonics, and for its community. This would be something to call as a win-win situation!