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Savage Beauty – The World’s greatest Light installation is a documentary movie about Photonics Finland member company Valoparta and its Finnish light artist Kari Kola making the world biggest light installation in Connemara, Ireland. The movie tells the story of an underdog, who is set out prove that nothing is impossible. Trailer is out now and premiere will be held 26th of March.

The documentary follows Finnish light artist Kari Kola building the biggest ever made light installation in Connemara, Ireland. The city of Galway has commissioned a work from Kari as a part of the European Capital of Culture 2020 program. The light installation is supposed to be ”something big” and Kari decides to light up a whole mountain. The art piece is named Savage Beauty, an expression by Oscar Wilde portraying the Connemara region.

Kari has always been the underdog. He has always been hyperactive and mathematically talented, which lead to problems in school. Because of his extarordinary personality, other people have hard time trying to follow his ideas and take him seriously. But Kari lives in his own world where nothing is impossible.

Janne Tanskanen is a finnish director and a cinematographer. Tanskanen’s lates documentary DIY Life: The Story of Combat Rock Industry was premiered in finnish television January 2020. At Tampere Internation Film Festival the documentary won the audience award. Since 2013 Tanskanen has worked with international light artist Kari Kola and captured his work around the world.

Movie trailer:

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Director: Janne Tanskanen
Lenght: 57 minutes
Production: Movage Films