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Meet the elected executives of the European Optical Society – Finland Student Club

Left to right: PhD Ana Gebejes, MSc. Maaz Qureshi, MSc. Martti Hanhisalo, MSc. Reuben Amedalor and MSc. Roman Calpe

To help optics and photonics students in the development of their research and career, the European Optical Society, EOS, offers participation in a student club. EOS Student Clubs are managed by students and we are happy to introduce to you the recently elected executives of the EOS – Finland Student Club

On Wednesday the 22nd of May 2024 The European Optical Society – Finland Student Club held an election for the new executives of the club.

The elected president is postdoctoral researcher PhD Ana Gebejes, vice president is doctoral researcher MSc. Roman Calpe, secretary is doctoral researcher MSc. Martti Hanhisalo, IT administration is doctoral researcher MSc. Reuben Amedalor and financial secretary is doctoral researcher MSc. Maaz Qureshi. All executives work at the University of Eastern Finland, Department of Physics and Mathematics.

EOS-FSC will focus its activities on connecting peers in optics and photonics.

We invite all students living and studying in Finland to get involved in EOS-FSC. Students can join EOS-FSC by joining Photonics Finland. Details on joining can be found from the following LINK.