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Comptek Solutions

Our innovative Kontrox(tm) technology achieves up to 98 % reduction of interface defect state density compared to the industry’s standard method. This results in a significant boost in efficiency and an increase in the manufacturing yield of devices.

Comptek Solutions specializes in III-V compound semiconductor quantum surface engineering. Our patented Kontrox(tm) process enables a reduction of the surface defect density to unprecedented levels, thus resulting in a boost of efficiency and an increase in manufacturing yield of III-V semiconductor-based devices, such as Radio Frequency and Optoelectronic devices among others.

Direct benefits obtained with Kontrox(tm) are higher gate voltages, better quantum efficiency and lower leak currents. The novel crystalline structures formed on Kontrox(tm) treated surfaces are totally inert to ambient air, therefore additional passivation processes are no longer needed. In addition to this, the implementation of Kontrox(tm) into current manufacturing steps (e.g.epitaxy growth in MBE reactors) is simple and does not require extensive equipment modifications.

We offer added value processes to epitaxial makers, foundries, and IDMs that will increase the competitiveness of their products and lower their manufacturing costs.