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I-Photonics is one of the world leaders in developing of thin film technologies and designing and manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment. Having grown from the scientific lab, today company is a great team of professionals in all the areas related to the physics of surfaces, plasma, ion beams, development and production of vacuum coating machines.

All I-Photonics equipment is equipped with our own Optical Monitoring System. The Coaters portfolio includes IBAD, IBS, DLC and PARMS. For the IBS and PARMS solutions I-Photonics team designed and developed own Ion Beam Sputtering sources in order to best control the process requirements.

Companys strength lies in the accurate selection and design of best performing hardware for the specific precision optics coating applications and in our extensive customer support for process development requirements which they can run on coaters at facilities. I-Photonics also offer individual development of process recipes and technologies for the equipment you buy from them.