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Inkron, a member of the Nagase Group, is a developer and manufacturer of high and low Refractive Index (RI) coating materials. These industry-leading optical coatings cover a record-breaking RI range between 1.1 and 2.0 in the VIS/NIR wavelength range. The high RI materials are optimized for the Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) process. Targeted applications include DOE (Diffractive Optics Elements) such as Waveguides for XR devices, optical diffusers, LIDAR and other photonic applications.

High refractive index materials are complemented by Inkron’s matching low refractive index materials with RI range of 1.1-1.4. Typical applications of the low RI materials include anti-reflective coatings (visible and NIR range), waveguide claddings and adhesive layers. The in-house synthesized resins and formulations are optically clear, thermally stable, and commercially ready for demanding applications. Other products offered by Inkron include thermally conductive adhesives, encapsulant materials and a full range of printable inks.

Contact Information

Jukka Perento
+358 405910 419
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