Kimmy Photonics

Kimmy Photonics provides high-technology, laser and light based measurement solutions.

Dedicated to enabling technologies based upon properties of light and modern optics… as we call photonics!

With over 30 years of providing high-technology, laser-and light-based measurement solutions and components to researchers, engineers and end-users, we believe our knowledge and experience will benefit our clients in their own developments and designs. Our commitment is to provide the most precise and reliable optical instruments, sensors and components available on the market. This is the reason we are partnering with the best producers available setting Kimmy Photonics apart from the competition as the standard in the supply chain of high-end systems and solutions. The technology we are offering answer many pressing manufacturing and engineering challenges.

Our technology builds on the premise that non-contact, light-based measurement systems and solutions are selected in partnership with the user and the manufacturer, providing measurement solutions that include instruments that are simple to operate and sensors and components that are easily integrated into systems. We combine the best technology with the best engineering talent, enabling us to offer a perfect solution for your applications.