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KxS Technologies

The optical concentration measurement is based on Snell’s law and critical angle of total reflection. Light is transmitted from the LED to the interface between the optical window and the liquid. With the concentration of the liquid, defined angles are reflected back creating light and shadow interface images on the digital camera. The interface of the light activated pixels is converted to refractive index units RIU and Brix concentration values. The measurement signal is given instantaneously.

Turning refractive index into a fully functional inline liquid concentration monitor to meet critical process conditions is proven to be a learning curve of decades. Demanding applications, aggressive chemicals, process heat transfer, process temperature changes all have to be managed in orchestra for an automated and reliable measurement signal. When successfully implemented, inline refractive index becomes a very attractive liquid concentration technology in niche applications in various industry segments like Food & Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Semiconductors and Bioprocess.

Harri Salo