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Nanocomp, with over 20 years of experience in micro- and nano-optics, is the frontrunner and technical leader in the field. We have manufacturing facilities in Europe and mainland China as well as local offices in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The HQ and R&D center are both located in Finland.

We offer our clients one-stop solutions from design to mass production by using our exclusive roll-to-roll manufacturing technique. Our key product, known as front light guide, is applied to reflective displays, like EPD and LCD. It is unique in terms of optical performance enabling superior contrast and wider color gamut. Other customized lightguides and light management films for different purposes are also available from Nanocomp. You can apply our products into a wide range of applications across several industries, such as interior decor in automobiles, smart surfaces, displays of any kind and biometric identification.

Nanocomp has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of thin and flexible light guides  for a variety of displays. We offer light management films, such as mini LED diffusers, microstructured films, and multilayer RI tuned films, as well as, light guides for displays.

Contact information
Nanocomp Oy Ltd
Ensolantie 6
FI-80710 Lehmo, FINLAND
Phone +358 50 463 6970