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We design and build unique automated test measurement systems and customer-specific solutions for the top global mobile and smart device players in various industries. We help our customers to make the best smart devices in the world by automating and digitizing testing. We get things done and for us, there is no such thing as mission impossible.

In recent years we have been on a path of continuous growth, and we have been awarded for our growth “The Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland”. In addition to our head office in Tampere, Finland, we have offices also in the USA and China. We currently employ over 250 true tech geeks.

At OptoFidelity, we are dedicated when it comes to working, but we also value creativity and a relaxed and supportive working environment. We are world-class professionals who value and bring new innovations and are passionate about what we do. We want our work to be pleasant and make a difference, and we invest heavily in the development of our working community.