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PiBond manufactures unique materials used in the latest electronic devices as part of microprocessors, memory chips, sensors and displays. These materials are crucial in the manufacturing of microelectronic and photonic devices.

Materials for photonics

PiBond’s optical dielectrics have been applied in hundreds of millions of optical sensor devices. With a wide range of refractive indexes and ability to tune the index to the correct range and different thickness has led to interest for these materials to be used in a myriad of applications. These materials are used in optical sensors for visible wavelengths.

Materials for semiconductors

PiBond’s materials for semiconductors are used in microprocessors, memory, and sensors. In the semiconductor industry, PiBond’s products are found in the most advanced nanoscale nodes.

Only few companies globally produce the most advanced 5 nanometer semiconductor chips enabled with extremely specialized equipment, processes and materials. PiBond is one of the very few critical material and process suppliers for todays and future microprocessors, data storage and sensor chips.

PiBond’s head office and production facility are located in Espoo, Finland. PiBond’s state-of-the art, ultra-pure chemicals are fabricated in clean room facility in Espoo, allowing clients to manufacture cost-efficient and defect-free products of high quality.

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