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Picophotonics is a spin-off from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the Tampere University, focusing on the development and manufacturing of Q-switched microchip lasers based on proprietary semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) technology.

Our mission is to provide a laser platform bridging the gap between the parameters offered by the more complex mode-locked lasers delivering picosecond pulses, and conventional Q-switched lasers operating in the ns region.

Picophotonics lasers provide compact solutions for various applications from eye-safe LIDAR and range-finding to spectroscopy and microscopy on several platforms. These include PICO – Seed, PICO – Power, and PICO – Multi.

Picophotonics lasers utilize in-house developed semiconductor based absorber technology (SESAM) for passive Q-switching. This enables significant pulse width reduction, while keeping the simple and robust microchip laser architecture. The signal can be further amplified in a simple master oscillator – power amplifier (MOPA) configuration. This will not affect the spectral or temporal properties of the laser.

In comparison to pulsed diode lasers and mode-locked fiber lasers, our technology can offer a unique combination of output parameters:

  • From low repetition rate (1 kHz – 100 kHz), avoiding the need for an external pulse picker in micro-machining applications, to MHz level for applications in imaging.
  • High peak power (close to 10 kW) directly from the seed laser, both at 1064 nm and 1535 nm.
  • Over 10 µJ of pulse energy at 1535 nm, directly from the compact seed laser.
  • Single-wavelength output with narrow spectral width Δλ < 0.15 nm
  • Short pulse width, Δt < 100 ps at 1064 nm and ns at 1535 nm.

Contact information
Kauhakorvenkatu 53 B
33710 Tampere, FINLAND
Phone +358 40 5544539