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Our key expertise is engineering the nonlinear response of SESAMs for both mode-locking and Q-switching applications covering wavelength range from 0.6 µm to 3 µm. 

Whether you are just launching laser development, or require an updated solution for well-established technology, we provide extensive customization and consulting while developing an optimal SESAM for your application. We offer repeatability, long lifetime, and reliable supply by customizing and qualifying volume production wafers for each laser system starting from optical design of the SESAM and wafer growth by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). We also tailor SESAMs for research projects to keep pushing the boundaries of SESAM technology. For wavelengths above 2 µm, we provide lattice matched GaSb-based SESAMs allowing ultrafast operation, free tailoring of the nonlinear response and long lifetimes.

Eero Koivusalo
RefleKron Ltd.
Kauhakorvenkatu 53 B 
FI-33720, Tampere