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We organize training in a wide range of professions in multidisciplinary ways. We always tailor our cooperation according to clients’ needs. We can organise tailor-made diverse study visits (1-7 days), Educational Experience Camps (1-3 weeks), including special training, work shop, cultural activities and seminars, in collaboration with other local education providers. We also offer EduSolution services to other organizations to help them gloom.

For us it is important to know and understand the current situation in customer´s organization and then design the solution needed to enhance competence, but also make impacts.

Education and development service in

  • School Management and Quality
  • Experimental development- EduCamp
  • Entrepreneurial skills (intrapreneuership)
  • Learning environment development
  • Game programming on-line studies
  • Teachers short term further education 1-3 months
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Simulator pedagogy
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Youth Councelling
  • Digitalisation, Robotics in education
  • Health Care

During the training in Riveria

  • The participants focus on agreed topics/modules, which are most suitable or accredited in (sending) country. We will customized the products!
  • The objective is to combine theory with practice, guide and evaluate work at work places, labs or at school. Finnish way of training!
  • The participants learn about work safety and the processes of the sector in Finland/ own country. Deeper understanding, more impacts!
  • You learn how to plan your work, act in accordance with the set guidelines and assess your own performance. Self-orientation and opportunity to develop by yourself at your own work!
  • You learn to use and maintain the tools, methods and the necessary machines/equipment/techniques. Fluency in actions!
  • Information technology and improving the vocational English are part of the studies. Sharing the competence, continuous learning, communication are way to success!
  • The studies include also promoting health at work, maintaining the working and operating capacity, and applying the principles of ergonomics at work. Basic matters of effective working!