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Since 1951, our mission is to enable you to bring photons in any environment, whatever your constraints are!

By extreme environments we mean:

• High temperatures ranging from 125°C up to 600°C and even 1000°C
• Low temperatures down to -273°C
• High pressures up to 1500 bars for geophysics and even 5000 bars for detonics
• Hermeticity down to 10-9/10-10
• High voltage dielectric breakdown up to 1KV per cm
• Very high level of cumulative nuclear radiations in front of a nuclear reactor
• UV solarization resistance down to 200nm
• and so on…

SEDI-ATI offers a wide range of special products such as:
• bidirectional couplers & WDMs for sensors, diagnosis and monitoring applications
• hermetic feedthroughs for vacuum and pressure applications
• bundles & arrays for spectrometry and sensors
• fiber optic spools for remotely operated vehicles
• fiber optic pigtails, cables and connectors
• fiber optic medical probes

Our customers markets include:
• Military and Aerospace: satellites, laser ignition, unmanned vehicles…
• Energy: nuclear plants, Oil & Gas, electric power distribution, sustainable energies…
• Industry: power lasers, transportation, sensor systems, robotics…
• Medical: diagnosis and analysis, laser surgery treatment, endovenous laser therapy, photodynamic therapy…
• Research: astronomy, particle physics, biology…