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With short payback times our water analyser is a top investment in several industries to secure process efficiency and safety.

Sensmet was launched in 2017 spinning off from several years’​ university research on the micro-discharge water analyser technology. The Sensmet team has extensive background in the measurement science and technology and industrial R&D.

We are currently building strategic partnerships in selected industrial sectors to develop the first real-time multi-element measurement applications. If you got interested and want to realise the benefits offered by the unique µDOES® analyser technology in your industrial process please contact us.

With our revolutionary technology you are able to recycle Black Mass of Li-Ion batteries. Ensure that the process of Ni, Co, Mn, and Li removal is progressing as it should. Optimise and precise your measuring of battery metals and Alkali production. Monitor your Lithium production, wastewater and Potash production. Sensmet’s µDOES® real-time analysis and process control technology for battery metal recycling and manufacturing will significantly improve the efficiency of modern fast hydrometallurgical processes. This increases productivity and reduces waste, whilst also helping to ensure end-product quality and purity.

Sensmet’s patented μDOES® (Micro-discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) technology offers a unique combination of benefits for real-time process monitoring and control:

  1. Continuous, real-time measurement
  2. 100% automated system with extended maintenance intervals
  3. High analytical performance
  4. Suitable for real-time analysis of light-weight elements such as lithium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium which pose a challenge for many other methods
  5. Low cost of ownership as no carrier gas no chemical reagents are required
  6. Green chemistry

Contact information
Moreenitie 15 L 6
90620 Oulu, Finland
Phone +358 44 321 9075

Customer Application Center
Otakaari 7
02150 Espoo, Finland
Phone +358 50 358 3097