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Winse Power


Winse Power-Over-Fiber solutions provide safe and reliable galvanically isolated lines to deliver power and data to high-voltage environments such as ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) grids. Instead of electrical wire, we use light and optical fiber for energy transfer. With virtually infinite breakdown voltage, our technology is the only feasible and reliable method to deliver power for electronics in high-voltage environments.


Our energy-independent Internet of Things (IoT) systems enable “install and forget” IoT devices: with our Power-by-Light solutions or by harvesting the ambient light. The device can operate independently and reliably without battery replacements and with no waste generation. Our service-free energy independent IoT solution is based on photovoltaic chips optimized to harvest energy as efficiently as possible even in low-light conditions. The current use of batteries is problematic due to cumulating replacement costs and the accumulation of battery waste. Our energy-independent solution makes IoT systems sustainable.


Solar-powered technologies are known to give rapid and scalable solutions for CO2 emission reduction challenges. New solar panels with higher efficiency at lower cost are being constantly developed. We understand the world of cutting-edge solar photovoltaic technologies that can enable tomorrow’s zero CO2 emission world already today.  Let us find the best possible solution for your CO2 emission reduction targets together!


Winse Power team has a long history of developing high-efficiency multijunction space solar cells with over 30% conversion efficiency. With a long history, Winse Power is capable to create next-generation photovoltaic systems, with an emphasis on efficient material use and the highest power-to-weight ratio. Further, our power-by-light solutions can be used to transfer energy through space enabling energy transfer systems in space.

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