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Photonics Finland hit 100!

Photonics Finland has 264 individual and 100 company- or societal members.

Photonics Finland have reached the magical number of 100 company / societal members! The 100th member is KxS Technologies Oy that provides Digital measuring devices for process industry optimization. Company designs, manufactures and distributes monitors that employ the physical phenomenon of Refractive Index to define liquid concentration in process industry.

The history of Photonics Finland starts from the year 1996, when Finnish Optics Society was first established. In 2014 Photonics Finland was re-launched as a cluster together with 19 members to provide better service and visibility for Industry and Academy members. During 25-years photonics research, technology and solutions, but also Photonics Finland have developed significantly. Nowadays Photonics Finland is categorized as a middle-size cluster in Europe with trusted cluster partnerships and networks globally.

“We joined Photonics Finland to reach new networks, get visibility as an employer and to connect better with the Finnish photonics community. We found Photonics Finland trough their webpage but also got a recommendation for joining from our long term partners.” explains Harri Salo, CTO of KxS Technologies Oy.

Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2021: Digital Monitoring Device DCM-20 is used for process industries to monitor liquid concentrations.

Now in point of 100th company and society members milestone photonics is more important than ever. There are a lot of needs among Photonics Finland members and in the field of photonics globally from attracting new STEM students, to get employees from vocational- to doctoral level of education but also to get funding and create new partnerships, networks and global collaboration.

Photonics is the key enabling technology to tackle challenges from climate change to providing solutions for sustainable agriculture, clean energy- and mobility, not to mention more advanced health care solutions, machine vision, and better connectivity globally trough better networks and virtual-, augmented-, mixed-, or extended reality solutions for upcoming metaverse.

Photonics Finland

Photonics Finland is a technology oriented association and cluster that drives the photonics industry and academia in Finland by connecting Finnish photonics companies, universities, research institutes, professionals, students, and public authorities. Photonics Finland has 264 individual and 100 company- or societal members. 

Photonics Finland supports the development of the photonics field from basic research through to the deployment and market launch of products. It is the single point of contact for photonics ecosystem in Finland. Photonics Finland develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland in sectors like health care, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing, and sustainability.